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My knack is creatives, but being creative looks a little different for everyone. If you're passionate about what you do, then let's chat to see if we're a good fit.

What type of industries do you work with?

Do you find yourself too involved in the everyday? Are you not sure what to do next? Do you want someone by your side to strategize with? If you answered: "Yep...Not sure at all...Hell YEA!" to these questions then you should look for an operations coordinator.

Do I need to hire an Operations Coordinator?

For me, a system is all the moving departments within a business that helps you get things done. (Ex: Marketing) A process is the steps you take in order to do something within your business. (Ex: How to create a blog post)

What's the difference between a system & a process?

What are your goals? I like to spend our first 90 days together with a business audit and strategy. I'm looking for those leaky buckets that need fixing or replacing.

What can you help me accomplish?

While we can agree there may be some overlap, these two roles should serve you quite differently in your biz. You can read more on the differences HERE in this overview post.

What's the difference between a VA and an Operations Coordinator?

I'm a big fan of Showit, Honeybook, and ClickUp and use them in my own biz. I love learning new platforms though! You can check out more of my favs on my Resources page.

What systems do you use or prefer?

Working with an operations coordinator is like having a strategist, tech wizard, strategist, business partner, and ride-or-die chick all rolled into one helping you with your business.

What's it like to work with an Ops Coordinator?

An operations coordinator is someone that looks at the big picture in your business. We look at all the moving parts and put systems in place where needed.

What is an Ops Coordinator?

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