How To Become a Virtual Assistant | & my interview on the BrandWell Podcast.


October 29, 2021

BrandWell Podcast - how to become a virtual assistant and when to hire one

I was a guest on a podcast! I recently sat down with Victoria of BrandWell Designs. We chatted all about VAs including when to hire and how to become a virtual assistant. It was such a great and fun conversation. I feel truly blessed to be a part of her podcast and her team.

Little backstory: I’ve known Victoria since June 2020, when I decided to make a go of my side-hustle and step in the big girl game of creating a business. She was one of my very first clients! I reached out to her after hearing her on another podcast she was a guest on (shout out to She Did It Her Way!). On her episode, she was talking about how she was getting ready to hire because she was about to have a baby. I sent her a cold email, that was actually warm, introducing myself, asking her if she needed any help in her business, and that I did x, y, and z. We met on a zoom call, she hired me, and the rest is history.

My Tips on How To Become a Virtual Assistant

  1. Look at your current skill set in the job you have now, and the ones you’ve previously had. This is a common tip that you might’ve heard before. I’d like to add to it to also think outside the box and push your skills too. I believe everything is “figuroutable”.
  2. Figure out all the tasks you like to do, and what you don’t like doing. I mention in the full episode, the fastest way to do this is by applying for jobs on Upwork. Look for jobs that you are genuinely interested in and intrigued to try.
  3. Communication, time management are things you’ll obviously need. BUT, did you know your ability to problem solve is also so important. Being able to go find the solution for your client’s problem is not a skill that should be overlooked.
  4. Invest in yourself! Anytime in the past I’ve invested in my knowledge to uplevel my skills it’s always benefited me in the long run. This can be a little scary at times depending on the size of the investment. Remember, the online space is always growing and it’s important to grow with it.

See the original blog post on the BrandWell site HERE!

xo Heather

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