Operations Coordinator vs Virtual Assistant: Overview

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March 2, 2022

So you’re thinking about hiring a new team member but can’t decide which one is the right fit for you, your needs, and your business? There are so many factors that you need to consider when making this decision. In this post, we’ll take a look at the roles of an operations coordinator vs virtual assistant to help you make your decision.

Moving from being a solopreneur to being a CEO can be an intimidating place, especially when it comes to hiring.

operations coordinator vs virtual assistant

What Does an Operations Coordinator Do?

An operations coordinator is more of a strategic role. As an operation coordinator, I help my clients streamline and organize the backend of their business. Ops coordinators don’t implement tasks – we are planners, strategists, organizers, etc.

A misconception is that we manage your team. Instead, we become the partner to help you manage your team, making sure communication and project flow are seamless.

We focus on the overall business operations from that bird’s eye view and report back to you on areas that can be given a remodel. From there, we work with other team members to make the necessary upgrades to make the business run smoother.

If you are currently struggling with organizing your business systems or processes – you likely need an operations coordinator to set things up for when you are ready to hire your next virtual assistant.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant, on the other hand, is an implementer. They take the tasks and check them off their list. Most virtual assistants specialize in different types of services or roles, such as a tech virtual assistant or an admin virtual assistant.

You’ll want to hire the right virtual assistant based on the type of help and tasks you want them to help you with. It’s essential to build a team of people who are in the zone of genius and love doing the tasks they will be doing for your business. No matter how you build and grow your team, that should always be the goal and is important for your team culture.

Who Should You Hire?

You should hire a virtual assistant if you want to focus more on gaining help with specific tasks for your business rather than having a strategic partner. As an operations coordinator, I will help with that side of it!

An operations coordinator is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who have a lot going on and just need someone else to take care of it all and are not quite ready to hire a full-on director of operations.

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